High Speed

High Speed Pantographs are for all types of high speed vehicles. They are designed for service speeds up to 400km/h. We are proud to hold the current world speed record of 574.8 km/h for a train on steel wheels with our pantograph achieved in 2007.

The pantographs are electronically controlled with the working extension of 2,6 m. The communication with the train is via various train networks including Ethernet, MVB or TRDP. Pantograph control unit utilizes various TCMS data such as speed, network type, pantograph position or unit configuration in order to achieve an optimal contact force at all operating conditions and speeds. Remote diagnostics and cyber security are included within the electronics scope.

Equipped with all modern systems such as automatic dropping (ADD), maximum extension limitation or carbon strip wear detection it can satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Our pantographs are in operation all around the world, e.g. in China, France, South Korea with thousands delivered since 1990.

Comply with various national and international interface and collector head profile standards.

Benefits for you

  • Major reduction of pantograph adjustment time during the dynamic line tests
  • No need for aerodynamic elements on pantograph structure due to electronically controlled variable contact force
  • Suitable for all operational conditions including the multiple unit configuration
  • Electro-pneumatic drive with servo pneumatic contact force management
  • Reliable and highly service proven solution
  • Low weight
  • Suitable for any high speed infrastructure from 1500 V DC to 25.000 V AC
  • Catalogue or customized solutions
  • Unique single strip solution reduces dynamic mass of pan head
  • Low life cycle costs
  • International and national standards compliant including TSI
  • Full control of contact force between the catenary and pantograph in operation
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Cyber security included
  • Options:
    • Automatic dropping device including isolation option (ADD)
    • Max. extension limitation device
    • Carbon strip wear detection
    • Various mechanical / electric / pneumatic interfaces
    • Collector head profile according to request including all TSI compatible profiles

Main Parameters




1,500 V DC ÷ 25,000 V AC

Current collection capacity

Up to 2,500 A

Static contact force range 

60 to 140 N (electronically adjustable)

Temperature range

-40°C ÷ 70°C

Design speed

400 km/h

Working extension

2,600 mm


Strength and fatigue

EN 12663

Functional parameters

EN 50206-1

Shock and vibration

EN 61373

Dynamic interaction parameters

EN 50317; EN 50318; EN 50367

TSI compatibility

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1302/2014 amended by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/868 and 2019/776

Electronics and EMC

EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2

Fire and Smoke

EN 45545-2

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