Auxiliary Power Systems

Auxiliary power systems are essential to powering auxiliaries such as HVAC and AGTU and for charging batteries on trains, metros or tramways. 

 Powering today’s trains  

Wabtec provides industry-leading power electronics that are used on board all types of mass transit vehicles: light-rail, high-speed, main-line, and underground trains, trams, and trolley buses. Compatible with a variety of tensions (i.e., overhead line voltage, third rail), our power electronics can convert input voltages up to 3,000 volts. They also have an output power range from 10 to 100 kVA.  

Our product portfolio:

  • Auxiliary converters: Our converters meet all of your vehicle’s power conversion needs by switching the input voltage from the overhead line or third-rail power supply into constant, regulated power. They can supply power to a variety of loads, such as air conditioning and ventilation systems, air generation and treatment units, and more.
  • Battery chargers: Our chargers conveniently charge your auxiliary batteries, supply power to electronic equipment, and operate lighting during train operation. 

Positive energy savings  

Auxiliary power systems do more than just supply power to loads, they can also help trains realize major energy savings. Our new business model helps Transit providers reach an optimized energy-efficiency level by achieving shared energy-saving performance targets. Our range of innovative technical solutions are designed to help you select and implement a chosen configuration, while adapting to your operational constraints.  

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