Built on a track record of more than one hundred years of success, PanTrac is one of the leading specialists for carbon and graphite-based products today. PanTrac’s wealth of experience, constant drive for innovation and use of state-of-the art materials ensure outstanding product performance even in the most extreme conditions. We provide complete service for our customers from engineering design to initial product selection and on-going technical support to final delivery.

Carbon Current Collectors

Perfect combination of excellent sliding contact with current transfer capability, long lifespan and outstanding safety characteristics.

  • Carbon strips for LRV, EMU, heavy rails and high speed pantographs
  • TSI compliant profiles
  • Light weight bonded carbon with aluminium carrier and optional integrated horns
  • In-house innovations such as the automatic dropping device (ADD) and arc protection (APD)

Carbon Brushes

Superb quality and durability ensure extended service life of both the product and machinery. An exceptionally versatile product range enables tailored solutions for all areas of application.

Carbon Blanks

Comprehensive product spectrum ranging from carbon blocks to extruded carbon profiles to meet highest standards and demands, available in pure carbon, as well as refined carbon grades.

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