Tram pantographs are designed for all kinds of Light Rail Vehicles, (LRV), if your requirement is for a light, compact yet durable pantograph.

Tram pantograph is a light and compact product which will find its use in various tram applications and Light Rail Vehicles. Its design ensures the smallest dimensions possible with working extensions spanning from 1.1 m up to 3.2 m. Equipped with all modern systems such as latching, automatic dropping (ADD) or maximum extension limitation or it can satisfy the most demanding requirements. Our LRV pantographs are designed for speeds up to 120 km/h.

Comply with various national and international interface and collector head profile standards.

Benefits for you

  • Reliable and highly service proven solution
  • More than 50,000 pantographs delivered worldwide
  • Low weight
  • Electric drive
  • Suitable for any infrastructure from 750 V DC to 25,000 V AC
  • Catalogue or customized solutions
  • Low life cycle costs
  • International and national norms compliant
  • All working heights possible
  • Options:
    • Automatic dropping device mechanical or pneumatic (ADD)
    • Max. extension limitation device
    • Various mechanical / electric interfaces
    • Collector head profile according to request
    • Different suspensions systems
    • Control unit outdoor installation in a box

Main Parameters




750 V DC ÷ 25,000 V AC

Current collection capacity

Up to 1,500 A

Static contact force range

60 ÷ 110 N

Temperature range

-40°C ÷ 70°C

Design speed

120 km/h

Working extension

1,100 mm ÷ 3,200 mm


Environmental conditions

EN 50125-1

Functional parameters

EN 50206-2

Shock and vibration

EN 61373

Dynamic interaction parameters

EN 50318

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