Air Generation Treatment Units (AGTU) and Brake Control

FT Piossasco is the Center of Competence for Brake Control and Air Generation Treatment Units offering a wide range of products including electronic control units, pneumatic devices, wheel slide protection systems and oil-free compressor systems.

The research and testing laboratory is located in FT Piossasco where is installed the Multi-axle Roller Rig, one of the most advanced train simulators worldwide.

Air Generation Treatment Units
Wabtec offers a full range of Oil-Free Compressors and Air Treatments Units which covers all market segments.

Brake Control
Pneumatic, electronic and pneumatronic products are used to create brake systems which cover all market segments merging innovative and service proven solutions.

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Via Volvera 51, 10045
Piossasco (TO)


Mr. Daniele Rossino, Sales Manager, e-mail: 

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