The contactors are intended for switching DC circuits of traction vehicles under load. Design of the contactors is modular which enables the operator to create unified ranges with variable parameters. The contactors are actuated by pneumatic drive with electromagnetic valve (pneumatic) or by electromagnet (electromagnetic). The contactors are air contactors with electromagnetic blow out of the arc. In order to cut off the peak voltage, the contactors are equipped by either varistor or diode.

Compliant with EN 60077-1 and 60077-2, EN 61373.

Benefits for you

  • For EMU, diesel locomotives and trolleybuses
  • Installation in a machine-room or in a container
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • One-pole or two-pole configurations
  • Auxiliary switches for switching on / off indication
  • Service proven design
  • Contactors variants:
    • Charging contactors: for slow charging of the inter-circuits´ capacitors
    • Line contactors: for connecting the main circuits once the capacitors are charged
    • Heating contactors: for connecting the heating circuits
    • Safe galvanic disconnection: for trolleybus applications only

Main Parameters



Control voltage

24 / 72 / 110 V DC

Temperature range

-30°C ÷ 60°C

Number of poles

1 or 2 poles


Electro-magnetic / pneumatic

Contactors with voltage 750 – 1,000 V DC:

Rated current

40 A 

400 A 

2 x 400 A 

750 A

800 A

2 x 800 A

Contactors with voltage 1,500 V DC:

Rated current

400 A

Contactors with voltage 3,000 V DC:

Rated current

40 A

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