Trolleybus Current Collectors

Trolleybus / E-bus collectors are designed for green transportation in cities. They are compatible with all network systems over the world. Collectors can be used for conventional power collection from the traction network or charging of batteries in motion. Let´s participate on green and sustainable city transportation together.

Trolleybus / e-bus current collectors are made up of a couple of trolleybus collectors, arresting hooks and winches. Arresting hooks are mounted on rear part of vehicle roof and serve for locking the collector in their lowered position. Winches are mounted on rear wall of vehicle and serve for manual lowering of the collector.

Semi-Automatic: Trolleybus Current Collectors

The semi-automatic collector system finds its application mostly in trolleybuses equipped with auxiliary power for independent ride without catenary (use of batteries or diesel).

Trolleybus collectors are driven by electro-pneumatic control box supplemented by pneumatic lowering bellows and pneumatic centering bellows.

Manual Trolleybus Current Collectors

Economic version of trolleybus collectors with manual lowering of poles with the help of ropes. Manual version of the collectors does not include the electro-pneumatic control box.

Benefits for you

  • Green transportation for cities
  • Decades of experience with pantograph / trolleybus current collector design
  • Wide range of additional functions for different customers´ solutions
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extremely strong and durable composite poles
  • More than 2,000pcs delivered worldwide
  • “Plug in” solution, quick delivery time
  • Pneumatic / electrical type (on request)
  • Compatible with all types of trolleybuses
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Control software with Ethernet and diagnostic system
  • Options:
    • Brakes
    • Pole protection guardrail
    • LED light, camera
    • Different current collector heads and carbon inserts
    • Different pole lengths

Main Parameters



Rated current

400 A (or according to request)

Rated voltage

750 V

Catenary distance

600, 700 mm

Rod shape

Straight / angled

Temperature range

-40°C ÷ + 50°C 

Max. angle collector swivel                   

± 55°

Height in the lowered position

550 mm

Minimum operating height

850 mm

Maximum operating height

4,000 mm

Pressure in the working range

100 N ±10 N

Max. forward speed

75 km/h

Max. reverse speed                          

5 km/h

Surge arrester

Operating voltage 1 kV

Rated voltage 1,2 kV

Rated discharge current 10 kA

Current surge (4/10) 100 kA

Connecting cable

70 mm2 (or according to request)


260 ÷ 280 kg (semi-automatic)

190 kg (manual)

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