Collectors for mining industry are designed for ecological operation of mining vehicles. The collector is controlled by electric (possibly by pneumatic) drives and it is connected to an overhead contact line, which is installed on some sections of the route, e.g. in sections with inclines. When using the collector, the mining vehicle is powered by an electric engine. The use of the collector reduces the diesel consumption of a mining vehicle. It saves the environment and reduces CO2 emissions.

Benefits for you

  • Green transportation
  • A collector enables greater variability of the vehicle driving (e.g. into bends) than a classic pantograph
  • Economic advantage of operation (diesel savings)
  • A smooth transition from diesel to electric power and vice versa
  • Extending the service life of a diesel engine (extending vehicle maintenance intervals)
  • Traction while driving
  • Decades of experience with pantograph / trolleybus current collector design
  • Better performance parameters (higher vehicle speed uphill with a collector than with the diesel drive)
  • Extremely strong and durable composite poles
  • Wide range of additional functions for different customers´ solutions
  • Control software with Ethernet and diagnostic system
  • Options:
    • Led light
    • Camera
    • Different current collector heads and carbon inserts
    • Different pole lengths
    • Surge arrestor

Main Parameters



Rated current

1 880 A/15 min

Rated voltage

750 ÷ 1 100 V

Catenary distance

700 mm

Rod shape


Pole length

According to customer request

Temperature range                   

- 30°C ÷ 50°C

Max. angle collector swivel

± 55°

Height in the lowered position

600 mm

Minimum operating height

850 mm

Maximum operating height

2 700 mm

Connecting cable

4x Cu 120 mm2


381 kg

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