The boxes are used as containers for electrical or electromechanical equipment produced by FAVELEY TRANSPORT CZECH or other suppliers.  This is a highly customized product.
The boxes could be installed under the vehicle frame, on the roof or inside the vehicle machine room. The equipment could be installed into the watertight boxes (stainless steel, steel or composite) for outside applications.

Save your time and costs and let us propose complete plug and play solution.

Compliant with EN 60077-1, EN 60077-2, EN 50124-1 / IEC 62497-1, EN 50125, IEC 61373, EN 45545-2

Benefits for you

  • For all kinds of traction vehicles
  • Fully equipped plug and play solutions with easy installation
  • Indoor / underframe / roof installation
  • Boxes for various ranges of devices: E.g. disconnecting and change-over switches, earthing switches, 25kV switches with oil insulation, contactors, pneumatic units, compressors, indication relays, current and voltage sensors, fuses, capacitors, batteries, workshop connectors
  • Welded boxes according to EN15085 and ČD V95/5
  • Interface (connectors, bushing, earthing) according to request
  • Customised box design according to the rolling stock gauge
  • Our design responsibility reduces customers´ engineering work
  • Service proven design

Main Parameters



Temperature range

-50 ÷ 70°C 

Rated voltage

750 / 1,500 / 3,000 V DC 

15 (16.7 Hz) / 25 (50/60 Hz) kV AC 

IP protection EN60529

Up to IP 65 (IP 69 Wap)

Shape, size

According to request


Shade according to request (EN 45545 compliant) 

Control voltage 

24, 72, 110 V DC

(or according to request)

Shock and vibration

EN 61373

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