Special Collectors for Mining Vehicles

We have developed a special type of TSS 30 collector for the operation of mining vehicles, with a load capacity of 100 tons, in an iron ore mine in Erzberg in Styria, Austria. The collector is fully controlled by electric drives. After a successful test run of the prototype on a 500 m long track, we received an order for the delivery of additional collectors. At the same time, construction was started to extend the route of the mining vehicle to the total length 5 km. The use of an electric mining vehicle using our collectors in a certain section of the route (climbing with a loaded vehicle) is intended to bring significant fuel savings and above all to contribute to lower environmental impact of mining by reducing emissions. Currently the mine produces about 13 million tons of iron ore per year, whereas mining vehicles consume more than 4,5 million liters of diesel. Due to the use of overhead lines the consumption should fall to 1,5 mil. litres. The start of operation of another 6 vehicles with our collector is expected around the middle of 2021.
More information about electric collectors for mining vehicles can be found here.

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