COVID-19 Information

Dear business partners,

Let us inform you about the measures which have been implemented against the spread of COVID-19 in FAIVELEY TRANSPORT CZECH a.s. in order to ensure a fluent operation of the company.


Safety for employees

To minimize risks of the spread of the diseases among employees, the following measures have been implemented:

  • We test our employees for the presence of the virus SARS-CoV-2
  • Respirators FFP 2, surgical face masks or nano face masks are worn everywhere in all areas of the company
  • All areas of the company are disinfected
  • Work groups are divided into teams that do not meet each other
  • Plastic counters have been built up between seats
  • Disinfection is available in all work places
  • Majority of meetings takes place online
  • All visitors must strictly keep internal hygienic measures
  • All our employees get vitamins D (2000uI) and C (1000mg) for free


Safety of deliveries for our customers

  • All above state measures for employees minimize the risk that a big quantity of employees would not be able to work during one period and this reduces the risk of delivery delays
  • We have pre-stocked up with critically needed material.
  • We keep following current state of events to be able to react in time


Our priority is to keep standard operations of the company.

Pavel Vašek, Managing Director; Helena Pachová, HSE Manager

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